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Preserving memories.
Sharing the beauty of His creation.
Capturing who a person is.
Just plain fun!

I love photography!!

I love walking thru the trees, along a path, rounding a corner and discovering a lake, a waterfall, wildflowers, or a mountain view!

I love witnessing a marraige ceremony and capturing not only the love between the bride and groom, but the love of family and friends.

I love getting to know a person, a couple, or a family and doing my best to bring out the essence of who they truly are. A portrait that conveys their character and will happily be shared with friends, family and future generations.

I also love to have fun and if I'm taking a picture of you, I want you to be having fun too!!!

I have been blessed with an awesome husband and 4 amazing children!!! My two sons, who are now "on their own", gave me lots of opportunites to learn all about photographing sports and my two beautiful daughters have been my constant models to help me improve my portrait photography. But my family is so much more than people to photograph... they are a blessing.

And last but certainly not least, is the One who has made all of this possible, my Lord and Savior. He's given me so many blessings! He's with me thru the good and the bad. He is constant and I never have to worry that He won't be there. All gifts and talents are from Him. He is the creator of all things!! The landscapes I love to photograph and share are constant reminders to me of His wonderful works!

I hope you enjoy what I have shared here!

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